Gently Clean Ears.

flip-tips® are designed to prevent blockages by working with the ears natural, self-cleaning process by gathering ear wax & skin particles on its soft, cleaning blades - leaving a shielding layer of fat for acid protection against pathogenic germs.

Adapts flexibly to the auditory canal
No inward pushing of cerumen
Protects the eardrum
Washable and Reusable

How to:

The ear canal naturally massages ear wax & other debris into the outer ear using tiny hairs called “Cilia” that move when you talk or chew. Occasionally wax can back up in the auditory canal, this can commonly be caused by using ear plugs, hearing aids or the use of cotton buds.

For detailed instructions please [download here].


1. Insert

Insert flip-tips® slowly into your ear canal, ensure you hold it from the rubberized handle. The flat flush diaphragm adapts to auditory ear canal preventing wax from displacing inwards.


2. Rotate („Flip“)

As flip-tips® move into the ear being to slow rotate clockwise. Once you have fully rotated flip-tip clockwise, begin to rotate anti-clockwise.


3. Take out

Slowly remove flip-tips® and clean by rising under the tap. We recommend replacing your flip-tips® every 4-6 weeks if used daily.

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